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Dr. Kate Scantlebury


I am a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and coordinate the science education program. I also am the Director of Secondary Education in the College of Arts and Sciences. I advise chemistry education students and STEM majors interested in pursuing a teaching career. I taught high school chemistry, science and mathematics before completing my doctorate at Purdue University.

I teach the science methods course, the student teaching seminar and coordinate the student teaching experience. My research interests focus on gender issues in various aspects of science education, including preservice teacher education, urban education, teachers' professional development and academic career paths in academe. With Susan Gleason I conducted research on using coteaching as the model for student teaching and the effectiveness of the science education programs on preparing students to teach middle and/or high school science.

I have been the Research Director for the National Science Teachers Association (2011-2014) and am currently one of the co-editors for the journal Gender and Education.

Dr. Jennifer Nauen

I am an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and the advisor for the biology education majors.  My research training and interests are in experimental design, the biomechanics of locomotion and marine biology.  My focus at UD is teaching introductory biology, and curriculum development for foundational courses in the biological sciences.​


Dr. John Madsen

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences, the faculty advisor for Earth Science Education majors and the education coordinator and a governing scientist within the University's Center for Carbon-free Power Integration.  I currently have three major focus areas in my research: high-resolution geophysics in fisheries studies, geological and geotechnical aspects of offshore wind projects and offshore geothermal energy.

Undergraduate courses that I teach include a freshmen first year experience seminar, a freshmen honors colloquia in energy and earth resources, introductory-level general geology, structural geology and plate tectonics and a senior seminar in petroleum geology and energy.  Graduate and upper-level undergraduate courses that I teach include environmental and applied geology, geophysics and geological aspects of offshore wind.

Susan Gleason

​I am a National Board certified high school chemistry teacher with over 25 years high school experience. For over twenty years I have worked with the secondary science education program and three years ago I began working full time at the university. I coteach the science methods course, oversee the field experience for the science education majors and supervise their student teaching experience. My research interests focus on coteaching and improving students' field experiences.​

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