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Choose from one of four majors


Students interested in teaching middle and/or high school science can major in one of four disciplines, adding professional studies courses and classroom field experiences (including a capstone experience of student teaching in the spring semester of  their senior year) to their course of study. 

Biology Education

The biological sciences curriculum helps students develop an understanding of principles governing biological processes that span a continuum from molecules and cells to organisms and ecosystems. The biology education major develops students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills which are essential for making informed decisions about issues that relate to science, technology, the environment and teaching biology.​

Learn more about the Biology Education Major.

Chemistry Education

Students studying chemistry education engage in observation, analysis, synthesis and experimentation, breaking natural substances down into their component parts, replicating in the laboratory chemical processes that occur in the physical world and creating new substances to fulfill specific needs. The courses offered emphasize the practical application of the principles of chemistry and students learn how chemical knowledge can benefit humankind and society.  

Learn more about the Chemistry Education Major.

Earth Science Education

Earth Science educators are critically important in our efforts to teach future citizens to respect and conserve the planet's resources, and to maintain and preserve a healthy, sustainable environment.  Coursework in the discipline focuses on geological processes, materials and history. Students also learn about astronomy, the oceans, geographic information systems and conservation of earth's natural resources.

Learn more about the Earth Science Education Major.

Physics Education

Physicists investigate the fundamental properties of our physical world and develop a quantitative understanding of its phenomena with the scale of the investigations ranging from the sub-atomic to the transgalactic. Physics and astronomy have had a profound impact on how we perceive the universe and our position in it. ​

Learn more about the Physics Education Major​.

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